Sri Lanka has many beautiful beaches- far too many to detail here, but we can give you an impression of a few:

Mirrisa -  Mirrisa Beach Mirissa is one of the quieter beaches in Sri Lanka and hasa feel of secrecy about it, although it cannot retainits ‘undiscovered’ reputation forever!
It lies at the easterly end of Weligama Bay, and has a narrow strip of golden sand shielded.
It is one of the prettiest beaches in Sri Lanka. You can swim, snorkel, body board or surf,
or simply lie back,relax and enjoy the sun, sea, sand and feeling ofprivacy this beach
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Unawatuna -  Unawatuna Beach This beach lies five kilometres southeast of Galle, and it and the village from which it derives
its name have come to be favoured by independent travellers for reasons you will quickly
understand. It nestles in a pretty semicircular bay, with a picturesque dagoba on the rocky
headland to the northwest. The beach feels idyllic, in a sheltered setting, which provides
safe swimming all year-round. A group of rocks 150m off shore acts as a breakwater to this end.
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Goyambokka -  Goyambokka Beach Pillikaduwa a quiet coastal area
is entirely different in character to the first two Sri Lankan beaches we have described. It is
comprised of a series of beautiful rocky coves, wonderfully scenic but with very little sand.
The village of Goyambokka lies two or three kilometres further south presiding over the
area’s most beautiful coastal area, with an impressive rocky promontory flanked by two
marvellous beaches the westerly of which, Godellawela, is particularly lovely.
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